Direct Mail: One Sure Winner in Upcoming Presidential Election

In this age of high connectivity and online exchanges, it may be hard to imagine that direct mail still drives many important consumer decisions. For Americans, selecting their next President may be one of their most critical decisions. While television debates get a lot of attention, what really plays a big role is the tons of direct mail issued by the candidates over the course of the election year.

Consider these numbers:

  • In the 2012 presidential election, the Republican Party candidate, Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee spent over $100 million on mail and Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee spent $70 million. The expenditures for direct mail by these political campaigns are surpassed only by broadcast advertising.
  • In addition to the costs standing out, their mail pieces did too. There was heavy use of bright, four-color mailers versus the usual red, white and blue themes many political campaigns reflect.
  • The 2012 campaign wasn’t alone in the dependence on direct mail. It has been a major force since 1972 when then-candidate George McGovern launched, what at the time, was considered a highly sophisticated direct mail campaign strategy.

The takeaway: Don’t overlook the power of direct mail for elections – whether for a political campaign, union vote or advocacy campaign soliciting supporters. Our direct experience at AliGraphics printing mail pieces for many campaigns, as well as industry research, shows it works.